Tantra sensual massage

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Tantra massage – What it is?

The Tantra is type of massage more different from classical. It offer sensual pleasure, physical and mental health, relax of body and mind. Tantra offer you perfect relax, better health and sexual life. Before Tantra you are invited to take a shower in the massage salon. This massage starts with Namaste ritual. It helps to control your breath and prepare for massage from professional massage therapist. Then you just relax and enjoy the perfect professional touches from your massage therapist. The Tantra is focused on whole body including intimate parts. It is for everybody, men, women and couples too. This massage help you to reduce stress of all days and relax you body and soul. Tantra is realized in beautiful atmosphere of candles and calmness scents.


Tantra in Bratislava

This type of perfect relaxation you can find in the central city of Slovakia in Tantra Diamond Bratislava. It is the best place for relax and healing in the city. We have a nice team of professional massage therapist with many skills. You can choose of many programs which give you energy and perfect sensual experience. It helps with many problems as headaches, sexual problems, stress, low confidengt.


There is a Classic Tantra, it is good when you are first time here and dont know what to expect from it. When you are something more sensual you should choose Body Tantra, Mutual Body Tantra, Secret dark, Love Game Tantra, Romantic Tantra, Couple Tantra and more. All programs are both for men, women and couples too. You also could choose the massage therapist online in our website. At the first you have to take a shower in our salon. Then massage starts with Namaste ritual. Then you just enjoy sensual erotic massage Bratislava by your wishes. At the end you have time to relax a take a shower. After leaving we give you a gift and we will be glad for your next visit.